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All Aboard! – Blanket disapproval of high-speed rail is coming to an end.

For politicians, recanting what they say is part of the job description, but today’s article in the Huffington Post, Cantor Caught Celebrating High-Speed Rail After Ridiculing It, is likely to be part of larger trend when it comes to high-speed rail. That is because the Stimulus Bill has put HSR in the limelight, sparking interest in this form of transportation and in turn a better informed electorate, on the HSR issue. No longer can politicians site isolated examples of unrealistic projects, such as MagLev to train to Las Vegas, as sufficient to discredit all rail projects. President Obama said in his HSR speech on April 16th that, “getting people to imagine what’s possible, and putting resources behind it so that people can start seeing examples of this around the country, that’s going to spur all kinds of activity [in high-speed rail].” Obama was right – the first stimulus dollar for HSR won’t be dolled out until at least October and the other side of the isle has already changed their rhetoric on this issue.

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